Deck the walls

We painted the old surfboard to better fit in the new room, and finally hung it up. Really loving these chairs we picked up, too! So much better than just a beanbag, and gives our kid a place to sit now that his bed no longer serves that purpose.  I also whipped up a little Green Day quote to fill in another empty spot.



So, we’ve got one more big blank area. Not sure yet what to do with it. Maybe the huge map from ikea? Maybe this great pallet shark I found? Any suggestions for us??


8 thoughts on “Deck the walls”

    1. Hi there! I am an art director and so I just made it. If you really want one, lemme know what size and I can see how much it would cost to produce one and send to you…. ; )

        1. Ours is trimmed to 20×25 after being printed on a standard 20×30 sheet. I can make any size you like. Lemme know!

  1. I vote for the pallet shark. Seems to fit the decor better with the surfboard, plus it’s a shark. Sharks are super cool.

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