Dangers of wifi sitting in your lap

What are the effects of using wifi devices sitting right in your lap, day in and day out? Google it and you will get all kinds of theories. Problem is, it’s just too “new” to know what any long-term ramifications might be. But I am becoming more and more suspicious of the unknown as the days go by. What I do know is that the World Health Organization has deemed it a “possible carcinogen” and has prioritized advanced studies on the effects. That’s more than good enough for me!

I’m in the “why risk it?” club. I just don’t feel comfortable with my kids (or me!) using these devices right in their laps. I decided to go ahead and take a few precautions. Cost is minimal, and the peace of mind is so worth every penny. We now use lapdogs, and I’m much happier for it. Ok. That’s the end of my PSA. ; )