Smoothies for days.

Today I’m going to give up my super-secret smoothie recipe. This is what I have for breakfast 5-6 times per week. I don’t love a lot of fruits and vegetables, so this is loaded with good antioxidants and vitamins so I can get it all in even though it tastes like dessert. (Really).

I start by putting a few pre-made avocado cubes into the blender to thaw a bit while I shower, get kids out the door, etc etc. This is optional, however, as they blend up just fine if straight from the freezer. Feel free to just add half of a fresh avocado if you like.

Avocado cubes.

Next, grab the following ingredients:

Smoothie ingredients.

I put in 2-3 heaping (!) spoonfuls of the greek yogurt. Add a very generous handful of greens. (I buy the Power Greens from Costco, and bag it all up into freezer bags, and that’s it. I just break off big frozen chunks of greens and break up into the blender.) Next, I put about a cup or cup and a half of the Cascadian Farms organic berry blend. Keep that pomegranate juice nearby for the last step…

Ground flax and chia seeds.

So, this is our ground flax and chia seeds. I add these to almost everything I make, and these smoothies are no exception. Put a heaping tablespoon of each into the blender. For those that have asked, they are stored in these. You can probably find these at Costco or Target, too.

Matcha powder.

Another optional add-in: Matcha powder! It contains a huge amount of antioxidants, as well as caffeine (54 mg in a tablespoon). I do not like tea, no matter how many flavors I try, so this is my cheat. As you can see, I store it in a yeast jar since it is air-tight and blocks any light. If you decide to add some matcha powder, just a teaspoon or two will do, as it as a strong taste.

Apple cider vinegar.

I’m a big sucker for reading the benefits something, then hopping on the bandwagon. So if you believe all the hype about apple cider vinegar, go a ahead and add a teaspoon or two of that in too. Again, strong taste, so don’t add too much.

Adding juice.

So here we are – ready to blend. It will need a little liquid to blend up properly, so add just a little pomegranate juice and see how it blends. (You can also use orange juice, or green juice, or any juice you like). I have to stop a few times to push things down with a spoon and add small amounts of juice til it’s just right. I like it really thick, and I eat it with a spoon. Feels more substantial to me that way. Kids and husband prefer it thinner and drink it with a fat straw.


And here you have it, my breakfast! At the risk of sounding like I work for Ninja, I have had this blender now for 8 years, using it 5-6 times per week in that time, and I LOVE IT. I actually have an irrational fear that mine will break down at some point and it will have been discontinued. It’s so cheap, I may just buy a second, for insurance against this possibility. I’m sure the Vitamix is great too, but it’s about 14 times the price! I tried the single serve version ninja, and nope: too hard to get all my ingredients in.

This may seem like a whole lotta work, but I get these made in about 10 minutes each morning. I once tried making pre-made “smoothie packs”: assembly-lining all the ingredients into freezer bags. However, the bags took up way too much room in my freezer, and even worse: they become one huge solid block that would not go into blender. It really is quick just to assemble as you go. Trust me, you’ll see!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I have this exact blender and also LOVE it. Today I stocked up on the ingredients, and I’m going to make this smoothie tomorrow morning. ; ) Yay for starting a healthy breakfast journey!

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