Build our loft bed!

DIY loft bed plans

After searching in vain for the perfect loft bed, we finally just decided to make one ourselves. We wanted one that would be comfortable with our 8-ft. ceilings, but that would also leave lots of space underneath for our 8-year old to hang out. He has a pretty small room, so we only wanted a bed with an upright ladder that does not take up further floor space. We ended up combining our favorite features from many different beds.

After so many people asked if we could tell them how we did it, we finally decided to draw up our plans for anyone else who thinks this is the perfect loft bed too! Our twin loft bed only took a few days to make, and cost under $75 for materials! (Not including paint, should you decide to paint yours, like we did.) If you would like a copy of our very detailed plans, which include lots of diagrams and photos, we are selling them for $10 via paypal, to go towards our kid’s college fund. : )

You should get your plans pretty much as soon as you order them – yay! One thing: you will get an email that might look like spam, which will include a link that might look like more spam. It’s not! It’s from “e-junkie” which is the service I’m using to send out the plans to you.

Click here for answers to the most common questions I’ve been getting about the loft bed.

And click here to see a variety of photos you’ve all sent in of beds made from these plans.

NEW! If you are looking for a FULL-sized version of this bed, here are the twin plans converted to full for you.


I have just been alerted to quite possibly the best thing ever invented for us loft bed people: ZIP ON SHEETS. How did I not think of this? Gets good reviews, so I just I ordered a sheet plus base set in gray, and if I end up liking, I’m going to order one extra top sheet. It’s no secret that getting the sheets on the mattress of a loft bed is no joke. I will report back if this makes life easier in that regard. If anyone has used these, please comment with what you think.

Check it out. The “base” stays on permanently, and you just zip off the top sheet for washing. No more trying the get the corners shoved down in impossibly tight spots. YES!

(So yeah, I love this product! I have zero affiliation; they have no idea I exist. Just letting you know, these are AWESOME!)

BONUS! Thanks to my love for this product, Lapdog has agreed to offer our loft bed builders free shipping on the purchase of your very own Lapdog! This is pretty big because I know for a fact that they rarely if ever offer discounts. Click here or below to read all about them. Our kids and their friends (and I!!!) all use and just love them. I think you will too. : )

And one more thing: I just started a new hobby. It has to do with poop! If you want to know more, check it out here. LOL.

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  1. I just finished making bunk beds adjusted from the plan for my girls. I made a few adjustments like adding some 2x6s in front of the side rails to help hold in the mattress with some pocket holes to hold in the mattresses. I also found it more efficient and cheaper to use 2 10 foot 2x6s to make 6 slats instead 11 2×4 slats. I would be happy to send a picture if desired.

    1. Depends on the size of the futon. Did you see our FAQs page? One of the questions is: What is the size of the area under the loft bed? The twin is roughly 41″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high. The full is about 57″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high.

  2. You really should update this post. I don’t know where you bought supplies for $75, ours cost $260 I feel ripped off. I could have bought a pre made bed for that amount, and saved myself the hassle and work of cutting all the pieces and building this bed. I do not recommend.

    1. Hi there JB.. I am so so sorry that your costs were so high. My sincerest apologies. I know that prices must’ve been at the low side when we built ours, several years ago now. I did post on our FAQs page about this. I said: “We made this bed several years ago now, and I have learned that lumber prices do fluctuate widely, like the stock market. It does seem that prices are on the high side at this time. We used bottom of the barrel knotty pine boards and just looked for the straightest ones we could find. Be sure to check prices before you commit in case this blows your budget.” Also, Ed G. posted in the comments below, from 12/29: “Our cost was about $100 in premium lumber and $40 in hardware. Primer and paint was another $40.” So it seems prices have fluctuated greatly even in the last several months…. But again, my sincerest apologies for the aggravation this has caused you…..

      1. I don’t think there is anything to apologize for. People undertake projects at their own risks. That means that prices varying from region to region and everyone must decide if the project is worth the time and expense of engaging in it. Someone feeling ripped off obviously made an errorenous and uninformed decision. That is not your fault. We are all responsible for the actions we take. If we don’t do our homework and investigate if the project is financially and personally feasiable, then that is our fault. You did well. I don’t believe you owe any apologies.

        1. Thanks for the support, Deliadee! I looked into this a little further, and lumber really is a fluctuating commodity. You can check if prices are up or down here, before deciding to build…!

  3. With your plans can you take the bed apart to move it? Or once it’s built, you can’t take it apart again?

    I want to buy the plans ASAP, but I am hoping the bed can come apart if needed.

  4. I am very interested in buying the plans and was wondering if the height of the bed in the plans is high enough to accommodate a crib underneath?

    1. Yes! All of our frequently asked questions can be found by clicking here. But to save you a click, here is the answer to your question: What is the size of the area under the loft bed? The twin is roughly 41″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high. The full is about 57″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high.

    1. It’s just a standard twin bed. If I were modifying, I would google or measure the length of your XL twin, and yes, adjust as necessary.

  5. Great plans, thanks! We are putting it together this week over the holiday break. We have a couple of ideas for improvement: The slat supports are missing from the preliminary cut list on page 2. Not a huge deal, but I think this would be helpful to have everything on one cut list. Also we decided to use floating tenons to join the two boards on each corner leg (instead of 45 degree screws). This should make it even stronger but may not be an option for everyone if you don’t have the right tools. Our cost was about $100 in premium lumber and $40 in hardware. Primer and paint was another $40.

    1. Hi Ed! Thanks so much for your feedback. I do see the slats as step E on page 2, so I’m wondering if I am misunderstanding your suggestion. If so, please do get back to me! I really appreciate it and would love to update the plans if you found a way to make them better! Also, I’m very happy to see that lumber prices are down and that your costs were back down to around the prices we paid when we made ours several years ago. I know for a while there, lumber was getting pretty expensive. So, thank you so so much for sharing!!

  6. It appears from the photos that a king size bed could fit perpendicular under the lofted bunk, is that a correct assumption?

    1. Thanks for your question! The area under the full-sized version would be roughly 57″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high. You can get more answers here.

  7. Just bought the plans and I am about to head out to the hardware store. I’m looking forward to this project 🙂

  8. Just ordered the plans. I plan on making a full size version. Looking at material costs at Home Depot, including hardware and a couple quarts of finish, material cost is more like $200+. All I can guess is that wood prices have gone up a bunch in the last few years, which wouldn’t surprise me.

    1. Thank you for bringing this up – it’s an important point! We made this bed several years ago now, and I have learned that lumber prices do fluctuate widely. It does seem as prices are on the high side at this time, if your estimate is accurate – yikes. (Although I did not include any type of stain or paint in my numbers, as that step is optional). We used bottom of the barrel knotty pine boards and just looked for the straightest ones we could find. But yeah, be sure to check prices before you commit in case this blows your budget. Thank you!

    2. Hey Jeff! I just ordered the plans, and I am also planning on making a full size version. How many inches wide did you end up making the boards, to fit the full size bed? I’m just curious and want to double-check my own measurements,before getting wood and cutting. Thank you!

  9. still selling the plans to this? If so, any chance you’d have them for a full/double size instead of the twin!? Thanks!

    1. Yes – we are still selling the plans, but sadly, no, they are just for a twin. If you look at the photos page, you’ll see many easily converted the plans to full sized. You can do it!! ; )

  10. Hi there, I live in New Zealand I was just wondering if your plans are still available & also are the plans done in inches, centimeters or millimeters, very cool loft bed, thanks so much for your time.

    Kind regards Antoinette ?

  11. I just bought the plans!! I am super excited to build this!! This is the nicest one I have seen in a long time. My son will be thrilled!!

  12. Hi I am just wondering if you are still selling the plans for the DIY loft bed that you have posted above? My daughters room is very tiny and I think this would be a great solution to providing more space for her. Thank you!

  13. You still sending info on that bunk loft bed ? I’m thinking of building one for my 2.5 year old son

    Thanks for any info

  14. I see you made this back in November 2012. Can I please get the plans? I basically want to make 2 of these and place them together in an L shape

  15. Thank you so much! My husband and 11 year old daughter are almost finished with construction and will be painting it soon. So happy we found this and you’re still selling the plans! We searched effortlessly for a loft bed that a) we didn’t hate and b) didn’t cost $900. You’re a couple of life-savers 🙂 Pics to follow as requested!

  16. Hi! I’m thinking the answer is yes since you just responded last month, but can I still purchase the plans? The hubs and I are loving this one the best of all we’ve seen 🙂

  17. I’m looking for this exact style plans, but for a queen size. So hard to find! I’m NOT great at such things, and don’t feel capable of song the conversions on my own. Has anyone already done this, and if so are plans available?

  18. We would like to try to build it this weekend while daughter is out of town as a surprise, is there any faster way to pay so we can get started?

  19. I want to purchase the plan but I need to know the dimension of the bed. Height, width, length. Also height on the inside. Please and thank you!

  20. Just purchased the plans — can’t wait to get started, my daughter will be over the moon with her new bed!

  21. Hello! Are the plans still available? Also I was wondering if there was a way to make this a bunkbeds? I have three boys in a room and would love to find a bunkbeds plan and your bed looks amazing!

    1. They are still available! ; ) I do not have plans for making the loft into a bunk, however a few people sent photos that they put a bed (twin or double) perpendicularly underneath.

  22. I love this bed and think it will solve my problems of only having 8ft high ceilings like yourselves. Quick question though before I buy, how high is the clearing under the bed? Just want to see how it will work if I want a small desk under it. Lastly, how detailed are the plans? I’d need the paint by numbers, step by simple step approach. Thanks!

  23. I love it! The whole room looks awesome, but we’re especially loving this loft bed. I think it will work perfectly in my son’s room. Thanks so much for posting. =)

  24. How many hours did this take? We are not handy, so I’d have to hire my handyman to do it. How much do you think the materials are? The loft is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much. My 9-year-old daughter is dying for a loft.

    1. Hi there! I so totally should’ve kept track of the exact hours, but I did not. We finished whole thing in a weekend, not killing ourselves. Didn’t work sun up to sundown or anything like that. And that didn’t include painting, since we primed, that had to dry, then I think two coats of the black.. Sorry I can’t be more exact!!

  25. Just curious if your plans are for a twin or full size mattress. For the cost, this idea is much more affordable than anything we have considered AND looks great!!!

        1. Yep – still selling the plans. And you get a download link pretty much instantly, depending on your internet speeds. : )

  26. Hi there. Love your loft bed! How hard would it be to adjust the plan to fit a double mattress?

      1. How high is it under the bed? I just want to know if my daughter would be able to stand up underneath

  27. Hi! Love the bed! We are looking to build a loft bed for our daughter but need it to fit a full size mattress. Would your plans be easily modified to make wider?

      1. We actually bought these plans and built a bed. We also added the ladder on the other side in case we need to put it on other wall. Posting pics in about 5 min. The plans are awesome, extremely detailed with pics. Very easy to make and cost us 150$ Max.

  28. What color and brand of paint did you use for your loft bed? Will purchase plans via cc tomorrow….can’t wait to start project this holiday weekend.

    1. Hi there! I used Kilz Latex primer, tinted gray. Code on top says: B 1Y BG. Might make sense to someone!

      Then for the black, I used Benjamin Moore Natura in eggshell. Can says Base 4 513 4x. I had it colored to Black Beauty.

      Thanks for asking!

    2. Hi, I´m from Argentine . I love this Loft bed and i want to make it for muy tall teen daugther. Are you still selling this plans! Thanks

    3. Hi!

      I purchased the plans, went to a couple of different places to get the supplies and have 2 questions regarding what to get:

      1- For the 2-1/2 screws, did you use the #8 or #10 size 2-1/2″ screws?

      2- Neither place had the 1-5/8″ screws. Should I go a size up (1-3/4″) or a size down (1-1/2″)?

      1. Let’s see. 1-our 2-1/2 screws don’t specify 8 or 10. Husband is guessing either would work. 2- the 1-5/8″ screws, I guess you can go larger so long as they aren’t so long that they poke thru the wood.

  29. Perfect bed. We built this for my son this past fall. We even painted it blue. It is exactly what I needed/wanted. My son has a small room and 8 foot ceilings. We did not want a ladder and I wanted to make sure he could climb out without having to go over a railing. We also added a L shaped desk underneath. Best $10 I ever spent
    Thank you!.

  30. Is there a way to make the height even taller? We have 10′ ceilings so something slightly higher would work even better for us. Also, can you make it so it fits a queen bed?? Your design is beautiful, simple and has a slight modern touch to it. Love it!

    1. You can adjust the plans however you like. We just made it up as we went along. I can’t tell you exactly how to make it taller or into a queen, but you can probably figure it out as you go….

  31. This looks like a great option for smaller rooms! The upright ladder is a great idea. Could you tell me the final size so I could make sure it will fit in our daughter’s (smaller) room? It sounds like this will fit a standard twin mattress then (39″ x 75″). Thanks!

  32. I am considering buying the plans for this but curious if you have suggestions on turning it into an L shaped loft. I am sure there would be a secure way to do it, just not sure how. Any ideas?

    Also, what did you use to sand the wood prior to painting?

    1. I apologize, I have no ideas on how to turn it into an L-shape – though people have told me that they have done just that. If anyone sends photos if this I will post!

  33. I’ve been searching for the perfect loft bed for my 9 yr old son and I’ve FINALY found it!! I love your bed!! I just purchased it with my card. I’m going to adjust for a full size bed. Hope the plans come ASAP as I’m excited to get started!! Thanks.

  34. We are in the process of sanding and getting ready to put the bed together. Did you paint or stain the bed?What color did you use?

    1. Hi there Tracie! I used Kilz Latex primer, tinted gray. Code on top says: B 1Y BG. Might make sense to someone!

      Then for the black, I used Benjamin Moore Natura in eggshell. Can says Base 4 513 4x. I had it colored to Black Beauty.

      Hope this helps!

  35. We have been looking for a loft bed for our son for months. We were excited to find your design on Pinterest. We love it! Just paid via PayPal. Look forward to getting the plans and getting this project going! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  36. Is it possible to have plans sent today or tomorrow am if Paypal authorization is submitted today? I have family arriving from out of state tomorrow to help with this project and we just found your design moments ago in lieu of another design.

    Thanks for your consideration!


    1. Yes! I believe if you use a credit card, paypal sends approval right away. If you do it now, I can get plans right over! ; )

  37. andedge – A little bit about me: I am 28 years old. Mom of 1. I'm a bit of an's just part of my personality and makes me who I am. I have a new-found interest in being green- and using natural products. I love to "research" things- which tends to drive my significant other crazy because there are nights when I should just be relaxing with him after putting babe to bed- but I'd can't seem to stop reading the ingredients on the lotion bottles online. I'm currently in a controversial debate with myself over whether sunscreen is actually worse than exposing myself to the sun- go ahead and laugh, but read about it yourself. It might make you wonder... I love chocolate, miss my cat and wish I had a new car- a green car. I don't like to exercise, though I am learning it's a necessity as I gain years. I used to smoke- good old P-funks. Quit when I found out I was pregnant and am proud to say that I haven't smoked since, and actually have a hard time believing that I ever did. Not hypocritical about it....I guess I have just graduated from that part of my life. I love to spoil my boy- and have to admit that I probably went overboard trying new baby gadgets and things. I'm not going to feel bad about it. My son has a nicer wardrobe than I do- so he prefers if I stay in the car when we go out. And...this is my first time as a "blogger" work with me here!!
    andrea says:

    Are you still sending plans over with Paypal?
    Would like them- and fast (we have gone through 2 loft beds is the past month and neither are cutting it for me so I’m finally deciding to build one- you guys look like you have a solid bed!!

  38. Thank you so much for sharing this! I just ordered the plans and will start shopping for wood as soon as I get the materials list with the plans. Forgive me if you’ve already said this elsewhere, but what type of wood did you use or would you recommend?

  39. LOVE THIS I sent payment through paypal lat night and cant wait to get started can you email the PDF asap ! thanks

  40. I bought your plans a while back and am just finishing painting the wood. Love love love your plans. I love your back wall too. What is it made from?

    1. I’ve had many people say they planned to convert to a full, but none so far have mentioned queen. I’m still waiting to hear back from anyone who has made a full-size version. Anyone???

  41. My husband purchased the plans last night via PayPal! We are anxious to hopefully start the project this weekend!!

  42. Hi:). Could you tell me the length of this loft? We are thinking of putting a queen bed perpendicular underneath the loft, but want to make sure it fits:)

  43. Am a single mom with very little knowledge about making things. Closet I’ve come was “assembling” my daughter’s crib 🙂 Any chance I could purchase one already made or request that of you? This is a great solid design!!!

    1. Ha! Thanks for asking! If we hadn’t gotten so many requests for this, we could consider it! There’s no way we could build so many.

  44. vintagetherapies – Central Indiana – I am a homeschooling crunchy Mama to 4 magical children! I am also a part time Massage Therapist. I am interested in wholistic nutrition, yoga, herbology, aromatherapy, natural living, organic, and chemical free! None of this would be possible without the undying, amazing support from my wonderful hubby. We are all learning new things everyday.
    vintagetherapies says:

    Thank you! I can’t wait to start this. I could not find a loft bed I liked for a reasonable price! Love this!!

  45. Love the design it is chimp simple, but I have one problem. The ceilings in my son’s room is 7′ 10″. Can you send me a design for a shorter twin loft bed to fit his room. My son is 9 years old so he will definitely need head room to sit up in his bed. Thanks!!!!

  46. Just ordered ours via paypal, for our little boy. We live in England and can not wait to get on with this build and show all our friends, this side of the pond!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration. Lisa x

  47. This looks like it might work for us. I’ve been looking at different daughter already has a low loft with ladder. I want something higher with no ladder. Please email the pdf once the paypal clears. Thanks.

  48. Hi..I think we’ll order the plans..looks great and a straight forward build. Curious how long it takes to build? Thanks!

    1. Hi Pete! You could easily get this done in a weekend (or a day if you have a longer attention span!). Ours took a bit longer since I primed (had to let dry) and then painted (two coats, with drying time in between). Your mileage may vary! ; )

      1. Great..thanks. Just sent Paypal through. Will fuel project with a fine microbrew (or 2) I hope for some good mileage over the weekend! 🙂

  49. rx2plus3 – Manzanillo, Mexico – Trained in Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan (B.S.M.E.) and in the automotive design world for over 20 years, I am currently exploring web site design and iOS programming. I also enjoy teaching and educating others on a variety of fields, including my favorite - Bible education. After the more important things, including my dear family, I sprinkle in guitars, basketball, and hopefully one day a hobby of UAV's.
    Rick says:

    How much space between the top of mattress ( we have a 8″ thick mattress) and a 8′ ceiling? Thanks so much. Rick

  50. We have a small house and my daughter has been asking me for one of these for a while!! Thanks for posting on Craigslist!! We ordered the DIY instructions and will get to it asap! We will paint ours pink and yellow to match her room! Can’t wait! 🙂

  51. I just ordered your plans for the loft!! Looking forward to the project…making 2 for my boys’ room. They are all excited! Hope mine turns out as nice as yours!

  52. Wow! i am so excited about this. You are my kind of people. I love projects and as soon as I clear this with my my sister, i hope to purchase your plans and build this for my nephew. I dont think i have any questions, due to the great ones already asked. BTW, brilliant idea to sell the plans. Okay lastly, i am so happy you included your “how to” for the wall. Yes there are several other tutorials, but i think you did it simply and efficiently. This just made my week lol Thank you!

  53. I love this bed! I almost bought a bed that would have cost so much more and would not have been great quality. What was I thinking? This is fantastic and I can’t wait to get started.

  54. Can you tell me how wide this is? Very small room and trying to decide if we can fit 2 beds. Thanks!!

  55. Hi! I found your loft bed on Pinterest! It’s Perfect! I was wondering a couple of things. Are you still selling the plans and materials list? Also, we are wanting to put this over top of a full bed. (you know, across the head of the full) So instead of using the under area for play, it’d be for the bed we already have. Also, where did you buy your wood? The cost for your supplies sounds great!

    1. Hi there! Yes – still selling the plans and materials list…. I love your idea of putting over a full bed! YOu can buy the wood at Home Depot, or any lumber retailer….

  56. Hi! Do you have a feel for how well the loft will hold up if/when it rocks back and forth? I only ask because my Dad and I put together a loft for college (too many) years ago and after climbing up an down over and over, the joints loosened up quite a bit. I always thought a diagonal cable along the back wall would have kept it together, but you may have a better joint approach than I had (when I was 18!)

    1. Ha! This brings back memories! But I will say, this bed is S-O-L-I-D solid! Both boys (8 and 6) have been using it as a virtual jungle gym and it has not budged. It’s just another reason we decided to build our own. The ikea one was all wobbly and chintzy, imo.

    1. Hi Tyler! There is about 53″ under the bed. This can be easily adjusted if you wanted to. We have 8′ ceilings, so this gave the best division of space up top and down below, for us.

      1. Is it designed with slats all along under the mattress or is it designed to be used with a bunk board?

  57. We just put in the payment in PayPal and look forward to seeing the plans soon! A few questions: (1) is it easier to paint each piece and then assemble, or better to paint when it’s done? (2) for a small room, is it better to assemble outside the room and try to move it in afterword, or build inside the room from the get-go? Thanks for any thoughts you may have!

    1. Thanks for ordering! We got the bed assembled loosely then took apart to paint. I’m sure you could paint it once it’s all set to go instead, and that’d for sure save a step! We got it ready in garage, then assembled in the bedroom…. Was pretty easy!

    1. Hi there! The tools we used were: hammer, saw (most lumber places will cut the wood for you, though), drill, and a wrench. Skill level: I’d say pretty much beginner. But I think you’d need two people to do it…. Thanks for asking!

  58. Is there anyway to make this a bunk bed using your plans? I am looking to buy a bunk bed for my 8 and 9 year old but can’t find anything I like for a decent price. Everything is too big and to expensive. I like the simple look of this and that the ladder is at the end and not taking up more floor space.

    1. I had to defer to my handy husband, who says: Absolutely! You would just duplicate top bunk and have it align with bottom step (as the top bunk aligns with top step). So there you have it! Thanks for the great question!

      1. Another question, could you make this bed to where the top bunk is a twin size and the bottom bunk a full size?? My husband is going to be making this and I’m a little iffy on it since he’s basically taking this picture and altering the measurements. LOL Thanks

        1. Hi there! You can certainly alter the plans however you wish…. I do know that some people put a full bed perpendicularly underneath the loft – thought that was a great idea!

    1. ha – thanks! It is a curtain panel that came from Ikea, probably 6 or 7 years ago now,though. I have the other “half”, just waiting for a use for it!

  59. It looks beautiful, and I would like to buy the design but I have a question first. How tall is it? And can it be made into a full instead of twin easily? thank you

    1. Thank you!! The bed is about 73″ tall. It is shown here with our 8′ ceilings. I know several people have mentioned that they are converting the plans to fit a full sized bed, but I have not yet gotten feedback on how it went. I can tell you that a full mattress is 15″ wider than a twin…. That’s the extent of my knowledge on that!

  60. hi! I’m looking for plans for a loft bed frame for full-sized mattresses. Could you send me that? Or do I just need to make a few minor adjustments to the width of your original plans? thanks!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jen! I also have to thank you for some inspiration: we now have a behind-the-door gift wrap station, thanks to you! ; )

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