Solutions in Legoland

We’ve struggled with the best way to sort and organize our abundant legos. I think we’ve finally nailed it.

This, in my opinion, is the best way to sort legos! The table top came from our very old Ikea table, which you can see in a previous post. I see on the Ikea site they do sell a very similar table top for only $9! We removed the base, and replaced it with Sterilite modular drawers that we bought at Walmart. Here they are online (using two from this 3-pack) and here (4 from this 6-pack), but these were WAY cheaper at the store. Alternatively, you could make a taller table with 2 from this 3-pack and all of these.

I labeled the drawers: PEOPLE & THEIR PARTS, WHEELS, NORMAL PIECES, GOOFY & WEIRD PIECES, and BASE PLATES. If you would like to download the drawer labels I made, click here. Just print, laminate, and cut out.

The bottom left drawer stores hexbugs for now, and the two drawers above are waiting for junk to fill them. And I can’t believe the space we have in this very small room now thanks to the loft bed. My super-type-A, everything-in-it’s-place self is very happy.

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