Avocado ice cubes for your smoothies.

Avocados are ripe and ready to go for about 5 minutes before they are no longer good (am I right??!), so use this handy tip to ensure you always have avocado on hand for your smoothies.

Gather your supplies:

Today I have five avocados set to go, but I usually fit six into my blender. (This blender is the BEST by the way. I swear by it!) So slice them in half, and scoop them all out into the blender.

Since I used FIVE avocados, I then add FIVE spilly tablespoons of lemon juice over the top.

Blend it up, the spoon into stackable ice cube trays.

If it doesn’t all fit in my two trays, I put remaining into these silicone trays that I use in the summer to make frozen pesto cubes. Into the freezer they go!

Next day, run a little tap water over the backs for that satisfying little crackle that releases them.

Pop them into a freezer bag, and you’ve got fresh sillky smooth avocado ready and waiting for your smoothies. YUM!