Full-sized Loft Bed plans now available!

Full sized loft bed plans!
We’ve finally converted the twin-sized loft bed plans to a full-sized version! So many people have requested this bed in a full-sized version, and so we just converted the measurements and supply lists for you. Please keep in mind, we did not build the bed at this size, just did the math for you. (The above photo is just the twin sized version stretched to show a full).  So, if you would like to have these plans that are converted to full-sized, they are $10 and you can use this link:

If you want the tried and true twin-sized version instead, click over here.

Click here for answers to the most common questions I’ve been getting about the loft bed.

And click here to see a variety of photos you’ve all sent in of beds made from these plans.

BONUS! Thanks to my love for this product, Lapdog has agreed to offer our loft bed builders free shipping on the purchase of your very own Lapdog! This is pretty big because I know for a fact that they rarely if ever offer discounts. Click here or below to read all about them. Our kids and their friends (and I!!!) all use and just love them. I think you will too. : )


21 thoughts on “Full-sized Loft Bed plans now available!”

    1. Hi Brenda! The answer to that (and a million other) questions is on our FAQs page. But I’ll paste the answer to your specific question right here to make things easier for you. ; )

      What is the size of the area under the loft bed?
      The twin is roughly 41″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high. The full is about 57″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high.

  1. Oh and one more question! What would you say is the approximate cost for wood for this project? We would be building the full size version

    1. We only built the twin-sized version, and it was awhile ago now.. The price of wood fluctuates like the stock market, and by region… so I have no way to estimate your lumber costs. I’m so sorry…

  2. Hello, Interested in purchasing your plans but we are in the military and move every couple years so I am wondering if this would be possible with this bed. Is it able to be disassembled and is glueing and screwing required for strength?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi there!! We took ours apart and moved it, and have heard from others who have done the same. No glue or extra screws needed for strength. Thanks for asking, and above all, thank you for your service!!!

  3. I would like your thoughts on using this bed with 8 ft ceilings. How high are the ceilings in your pic?

    1. We have 8-ft ceilings too! That is what drove us to build this bed in the first place. So, yes! That is an 8-ft ceiling you see in the photo.

  4. Tristen Lawrence – Cultivating the chaos of motherhood into a life full of beauty. As a mom of four and wife to a crazy mountain biking man, there is plenty of good chaos for me to work with. But never forget the most important part-- beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But beauty it is nonetheless.
    Tristen Lawrence says:

    If I’m looking to convert this to a queen sized bed, could I just add a few inches to the full size bed and be okay?

    1. It would be really easy to convert the measurements. Just google how much bigger a queen is than a full, and add that measurement to widths.

      HOWEVER – might that be too wide then to be safe? Not sure if you’d need some sort of center support to floor….? Or additional cross-bracing?? I’m not sure….!


  5. Thank you for getting back with me so quickly! Can you tell me the cost of the plans for the full bed design?

    Thanks Mike

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