DIY wood pallet wall


I was  not planning to do a post about the wood wall, figuring there are plenty of posts about such walls all over the internet. But I keep getting questions about it, so here’s the low-down.

It is made of wood from discarded pallets. I think we used about 20 of them for this wall. The hardest part of the whole project was dissembling the pallets. Use a sawzall and cut the pieces apart through the nails, so that the nail heads stay in the pallet.

Once all the pallets are disassembled, organize the boards by width. That way all your rows will be the same height. For each row on the wall, grab boards from same pile. Then alternate rows so they aren’t all the same height.

I don’t think I took any pictures of the process! This step was the most helpful: We drew the wall to size in chalk on our garage floor, including the window area, and laid the boards out there. Rearrange boards til it looks how you’d like it to look on the wall.

Once they were all laid out on the garage floor, I scrubbed them clean with a stiff brush and a bucket of hot sudsy water.

Then when dry, I sanded them to get rid of slivers. Don’t sand too much or they’ll lose their appeal!

Next, I bought a small can of walnut-colored stain, and very lightly stained using crunched up paper towels as my “brush”. I love how the walnut stain looks, but you can obviously use any stain you like.

From there, it was time to hang. Measure for your cuts, cut, then haul inside and nail in place to the wall.

And that was that! It was hard work, but so worth it, in my opinion! Here is one more photo that hopefully better shows the wall:

If you’d also like to build this loft bed, click here.

And, here is the light you see above the bed. We added a switch pretty easily. Stay tuned and I will write up how we did it.

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