Your Loft Bed Photos!

You asked to see photos that people have sent me of their loft beds, and so here they are!

(Yes, we are still sending out the plans. Info on that here. And if you have questions, chances are they are answered here.)

Thanks so much for your interest. These are so fun to see!

6 thoughts on “Your Loft Bed Photos!”

  1. Hi there! Just wondering how long it will take to get plans if i order today? I have decided to sell my son’s bed we bought 2 yrs ago from NFM, that he never sleeps in and build a loft bed. I have been looking all morning and so far I like yours the best out of all of them. I would like to build this weekend! My husband will be SOOO happy! 🙂

    1. Aw – thanks for the compliments!!! You will get an email with the download link immediately after purchasing. So your weekend plans are set. ; )

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