Summer to-dos

I’ve got a long to-do list in the works for the summer. Here are a few of the top items.

1. Purchase and hang a ceiling fan. The old/current fan had a 52″ diameter. That won’t work with the loft bed. Neither will the location. (We removed the blades from the fan, for now.) And now that the nights are warmer, this is becoming more of a priority!

2. Seating for the living room. This is pretty low priority, but I’ve been looking and looking and looking for ways to add more seating here. We had a chaise in the corner, but moved it for the Christmas Tree and nver brought it back. No one really liked to sit theree, since it was more like a bed! Already tried out one chair from Target, but had to send it back as it was pretty low quality. Do we go with two smaller chairs? (Perpendicular to sofa) Or one chair-and-a-half? The room is small, so even a love seat would be too large.

3. Patio: picnic table(s) and overhead string lights. Patio is large-ish, so maybe we’ll go with two picnic tables? I’m hoping to build some ourselves so the sizing is just right. Better get on it so we can make the most of the great weather! And have always wanted to do the string lights. Hopefully this is the summer we finally do.