Loft bed FAQs

This is a looooooooong overdue post with some answers to the questions I keep getting asked over and over again. Hopefully this helps!

What is the size of the mattress?
This is a TWIN BED loft.
NEW! We’ve finally converted the plans so you can build a full-sized version! You can find those here.

What is the size of the area under the loft bed?
The twin is roughly 41″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high. The full is about 57″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high.

What is the size of the bed itself?
It’s about 44″ wide (or 60″ wide for full) x 80″ long x 72-1/2″ high.

How thick is your mattress?
Ours is about 10″-11″ on the edge, but gets a bit thicker in the middle Any thickness mattress would fit, though.

Can you tell me how to make a full-sized version?
Unfortunately, we only made and documented the twin sized version. However, we’ve finally converted the twin plans to a full, but we did not build the full sized version. Just did the math for you.

Can you tell me how to make a taller/shorter version?
Sorry, same answer as above. The plans are easy to modify to whatever your needs are. But you have to do that part yourself.

Can it hold the weight of my husband?
We’ve had our entire family of four up there, and by my calculations that would be about 410 pounds, and the loft didn’t make a peep. I think you’re good.

What tools will I need?
-saw (unless your lumber store will cut the pieces for you).
3/8″ drill bit
#8 countersink drill bit
-philips head drill bit
– 9/16″ socket or wrench
sand paper

What paint did you use?
I used Kilz Latex primer, tinted gray. Code on top says: B  1Y  BG. Might make sense to someone!

Then for the black, I used Benjamin Moore Natura in eggshell. Can says Base 4 513 4x. I had it colored to Black Beauty.

Can I paint the bed after it’s all put together?
Yes, of course. I did it before so that all surfaces would be painted.

How long did it take to build?
Two of us did it in a weekend. Then I painted it over the next few days after that.

Where did you get the wood?
We used cheap pine from Home Depot. Just look for the straightest boards with the fewest knots.

Where did you get the handles?
Also from Home Depot: handles. Here’s a little larger version.

How much did this all cost?
Lumber was $50, hardware was $20. Then $30 in paint. Edited to add: We made this bed several years ago now, and I have learned that lumber is a commodity, and as such, prices fluctuate like the stock market. You can check this site to quickly see if prices are currently up or down.  We used bottom of the barrel knotty pine boards and just looked for the straightest ones we could find. Be sure to check prices before you commit in case this blows your budget.

After I buy, how long til I get the plans?
You will get an email to download your plans instantly.

So there you have it. I will likely add questions as they come in. Hope this helps!!

29 thoughts on “Loft bed FAQs”

    1. Hey Mike! Per the FAQs: “What is the size of the area under the loft bed?
      The twin is roughly 41″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high. The full is about 57″ wide x 76″ long x 55″ high.” Hope this helps!

  1. Looks built for stout! We will be making FOUR of these, one per teen. Can you see any problem in modifications for a twin XL mattress? That would an additional 5″ in mattress length, and from what I can see, it would be just the additional lumber down the sides to accommodate the add’l length. Looking forward to your reply. Great looking project. 😀

    1. Sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to check with the source to get it just right. ; ) He says “I don’t see any problem with this. One suggestion for added stability may be an additional cross brace in the middle, to prevent any bowing of the side rails. Otherwise, it should all be the same. I would only add the additional brace if it felt wiggly (technical term).” Hope this helps. Thanks for asking!

    1. Not entirely sure what you mean by “end posts”, but the plans are super-detailed and very easy to follow. ; )

  2. I just found your bed and love it! But my teen daughter would like a full desk underneath, any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. Gosh – I can’t really recall how much paint exactly we used – I’m so sorry!

      1. We built one for our son and adjusted the plans for a full size bed. I pianted it and with 2 coats and I barely used 1/2 gal of paint.

  3. would it be easy to modify your plans to make twin bunk beds? I see that someone hs already done this…

    1. It can be modified however you wish. I would just determine the difference in lengths of the mattress and add that to your measurements…? Sorry – I can only help with the twin sized version.

  4. I’ve just added to your son’s college fund! Looking forward to delving into this project. Cheers!

  5. Is this bed built using nails or just nuts and bolts? We are looking for a loft that can easily be taken apart and reassembled when we move. Thanks.

      1. So I’m really interested in buying your plans but I wanted to be absolutely sure. It can easily come apart and be moved thanks to the nuts and bolts?

        1. YES! A friend just moved theirs with no issues at all. Anyone else who sees this who’d like to weigh in, please do!

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